Currently, I am a Data Scientist at Google Health where I work on quality evaluation of tools built on top of the Electronic Health Reacords (EHR) data, aimed at helping improve clinicians work. I also provide statistical analysis and design assessment frameworks for assessing prediction models that focus on reducing preventable adversary medical events.

I completed my PhD degree in Computational Mathematics summer of 2019. At Stanford, I was advised by Prof. Susan Holmes and worked on statistical methods for analyzing high-dimensional heterogeneous data with applications to genomics and microbiome studies.

Previously, I did my undergraduate work in applied mathematics and economics at California Institute of Technology, where my advisor was Prof. Houman Owhadi.

My interests include:

  • non-linear dimensionality reduction methods
  • latent variable models
  • uncertainty quantification
  • time series analysis
  • data analysis and visualization
  • machine learning


I was a co-founder and a core member of WiMSCE: Women in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computational Engineering.

In 2016-2018, I was a co-president and a financial officer for Stanford Polish Student Association.